How Important is Realism?

  • It’s everything. I always fly routes that match a real route with a real callsign and accurate plane
  • Kind of important. I try to make it real when I can
  • Not really important. Once in a while I’ll fly a real, accurate route
  • Not important at all. It’s a game, for crying out loud

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I think realistim is enforced only on the Expert server. On TS1 it I see encouraged, on casual nobody cares.


Expert Server ( Hence the name ) Sometimes people wanna get on and just fly and have fun so that’s what I feel like TS1 is for!


I think if I asked this to the whole IF player base I would get a much different response than when I ask it on this dedicated forum

Depends on what you mean.

Because to most it means:

This livery better have the right number of windows. You better not fly that livery into this airport. Can’t believe you parked at that gate when Delta parks at those gates.They need to make strobes specific to each model.

But those same people:

Climb at 7000 FPM. Have a single-waypoint flight plan for a trans-Atlantic flight. Cut directly across other traffic upon takeoff. Hit final at 9k AGL and 249 KIAS. Cruise at Mach 0.87 [or 0.90 if they can] at FL420 no matter what they’re flying or what load or winds are. Are still at 349 KIAS around FL230 20 miles out from their destination.

I just want those two subsets to stop inhabiting the same body for the majority here.

If you want Realism™, just make sure you worry more about it in-flight than the non-flight-related minutae


I play this game for fun and realism is kinda eh

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says the regular

But c’mon

haha beautifully said

It’s true yes realism is good but for me I don’t want infinite flight to feel like real life if that makes any sense


Must…have…realism…It’s impossible to live without it. I mean, who doesn’t like STAR’s?


Whoever said that it’s a game… no.
It’s a simulator.
You can play it like a game, but please… this is a simulator.
And you better not be playing it like a game in the Expert server or even TS1.


Let me just put it this way. I never fly a route that isn’t operated by an airline in Real Life (with the exception of GA), always copy FPL. Copy everything from callsign to Cruising altitude and speed, and I get terribly mad when some noob ruins my rant of realism😡🤬. That’s all


Same here, I fly only real routes, use accrurate call signs, correct aircraft, livery, park at the exact gate (or terminal if I can’t find the gate), altitudes, and scheduled departure time,the whole spiel. That’s how I find entertainment out of it. I cringe when I see a Swiss A319 at LAX😞


I always either copy a real world flight or fly for a VA. I spawn in a realistic gate, a realistic aircraft, have realistic flight parameters, and a realistic route. I commonly use Simbrief, as not all my flights are real flights. I try to make most of them realistic though.

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Yah, I sometimes try to go to the lengths of trying to find out how many passengers are on board. I sometimes spend more time preparing the flight, than time I am in the air


@Ishan_S. MaxSez: I’m Shocked! Remove the honorary Regular Title at once! What will the Fledlings think, your damaging the myth…LOL


“Not important at all, it’s a game for crying out loud.” Why do so many people here fail to realize this? It’s an iPhone game. It always has been, and always will be. Sure there are some realistic ASPECTS to it, but it will never reach the level of some PC sims. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly love Infinite Flight, but realism is not everything. I enjoy a little tomfoolery on the casual server every now and then, because, it’s a game.

Honestly some people will treat it as a simulator, some people will treat it as a game. No need to bash other people’s opinion on infinite flight.

I think honestly do whatever you wish. There’s 3 servers and if you stay within the boundaries it’s all fine.

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@GolferRyan. MaxSez: It’s Ok, Ryan, IF is what it Is for each of use. But from this point onward since I now know your a 10%'er I’ll shun you and call you durty names under my breath. I Hope Your next 10 Tee Shots Land in the Water Hazard! A Pox on you as well. LOL


They call me the flying Snoop Dogg. Why?

Charts out Everyday 😎

…Yea. I’m a Realism™ kind of guy.