How I'm Going to Pull off 12 Hour Flights

Now mind you, this would be a little tiring, and I would be able to get little sleep, but it’s possible…

From 11am to 12am, I share some pretty valuable time with my family. Ever since the news of Global Flight came about, I knew that long flights would get in the way of my valuable family time. So I’ve come up with a plan…

Nobody in my house really stays up late, the latest would be 1am. Now I’m a person who’s done all nighters before, and it’s really no biggie for me.

Here’s how this would work. JFK to DXB. 12 hours and 15 minutes. I depart at 10pm - 2am. Now you might be thinking, “He’s gonna stay up for 12 hours? Insanity!” Wrong. My plan is simple (not really).

I takeoff, get to my cruising altitude and speed, and stay up for at least two hours, depending on how sleepy I am. While I’m up, my phone will be charging. I turn on my trusty LNAV, so when I’m ready to take a nap, I don’t miss any turns on my flight plan. I know that my iPhone 6 usually lasts about an hour and a half, while flying in IF on 100% battery. So I simply set an alarm (My actual alarm clock, not my phone) that’ll wake me up in an hour.

When I wake up, my phone might be on 20% or below, so I get back to charging immediately, and my power nap would have done me good. That means at least another 2 hours of monitoring things. For extra energy, I’ll take a trip to my kitchen and get a snack and a drink. When I feel tired again, I simply repeat the process. After the second nap, I might not feel tired, and I might just want to stay up for a while longer. Before I know it, it’ll be time to land.

Now, who’s to say that my body is tired enough to even fall asleep? Who to say that my alarm will wake me up?.. What if my calculations are wrong, and my phone dies? Then yes, I’ll be a little pissed, and I’ll have to expand on my methods.

I’d like to know how Laura does it, since she’s done Flights as long as these before (on IF). What is everybody’s elses plan for flying these long hauls?


why did i laugh while reading this (in a good way)


JFK to LHR is 7 hours if I’m not wrong


Then JFK to Dubai. 12h 15mn.


Fair play to you mate. I think this qualifies as flight planning 😁
But what happens when atc try to contact you and you are asleep? Could get ghosted…

Perhaps share an account with someone in another time zone? And let them take over while asleep?
Is that even possible?

It will be short haul for me.
Good luck!


I love the meal planning aspect of your trip! Gotta stay hydrated on those long flights! Great plan!


That doesn’t sound healthy.


This will kill your iPhone 6 charging while using it my phone dies at 50% because that

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That’s because your battery is damaged. Works fine for me… well I have a 7 but it worked on the 6 until water damage ruinded it

How about app crash…plus the routine such would increase anyone’s medical expenses by 40℅


I do it all the time and battery works nearly as well as the day I bought it.

iPad mini 2.


iPhone batteries are bad enough but using your phone for 10+ hours with an app that big while charging it

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My plans for flying right now in global is BKK-BHX via Dubai.

Sounds like your living and breathing IF.


If they’re not answering, I wouldn’t hesitate to ghost, insubordination and being unable to follow instruction because they’re not there is their fault.


That’s why I’m hoping there is some sort of status to show IFATC that you are asleep. If that status shows, IFATC can control the aircraft the way they need it. Just my thoughts.


Don’t sleep when flying, as simple as that.


As simple as that except for most of us in school or work it’s impossible to devote 12 hours to simply flying. I mean I guess you could do that on a weekend if you don’t work or have homework.

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Then don’t fly 12 hours. If you can’t fly while answering eventual ATC instructions, then you shouldn’t be flying, nor complain about an eventual ghosting for not answering instructions.


Kind of harsh but I’m in agreement.