How I wish this landing had come true!

A normal day of operation, featuring a reworked plane, a Oneworld Alliance member and a Chinese 3D airport.
I think everyone will remember this flight …


😭😭😭 Let’s not mention that, nice shot!

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Wounds that are still so raw, wounds that will never heal, and wounds that make us remember.


Never Forget MH370

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Just a comment, but interesting fact: The person that might have found MH370 was almost going to board AF447 to CDG from GRU but he had to stay and the plane sadly crashed.

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Amazing shot! It’s sad to think that it’s been 8 years since Malaysia Airlines 370 was lost… I wish that this hadn’t happened. It’s such a tragedy :(

Uhh I said To CDG not from CDG lol.

Oops I didn’t notice that lol, nvm

Maybe not a “fun” fact but still very interesting.

Thought so. Just changed it to interesting.

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