How I personally make IF more realistic

This isnt a duplicate because this is how i personally like to make my experience more realistic.
So this is the main thing, whenever im going on holiday I always play infinite flight. I like to play infinite flight on the plane especially during take off and landing. So what I like to do is say I’m taking of from London Heathrow at 27R with a B777-200ER American Airlines I will do the exact same thing in IF, it means I can experience how bumpy it would be and to be honest it really does make the game a whole lot more fun and enjoy the game more. I also love it when landing, example- same plane but landing at runway 22R this particular part of the flight is very enjoyable because (this might sound bizarre) it literally feels as if I’m landing the plane as a passenger and makes the whole experience a whole lot more fun! Honestly guys, when ever your next holiday abroad is, play infinite flight during taxi, takeoff, and landing I really enjoy it and I think it makes the whole experience a lot more fun and enjoyable.


I did play Infinite Flight during cruising with AirAsia A320-200 while cruising at an AirAsia flight to Bangkok. However, I didnt play it during takeoff as I prefer to record the takeoff than playing Infinite Flight. Besides that, I’m worried if a FA caught me playing a phone during Takeoff and Landing roll =P

I’m pretty sure I would do another one during my next flight when Global already comes ;)

  1. Wouldn’t the calibration be off because of when the real aircraft rotates.

  2. Isn’t using devices on take off agains the airline’s rules and regulations?


Nope, the majority of people on my flight from Heathrow to Glasgow were on their phones & ipads during taxi, takeoff and landing same with my flight from Heathrow to Newark.


It shouldn’t be… I suppose it doesn’t matter because it only takes 5 seconds to rotate.

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But when the aircraft is climbing it will obviously have a different pitch to when it’s on the ground, thus meaning that you would not have to use any input to rotate and climb out on IF, as the pilots are kinda doing it for you.

I realise it is doable but it just seems a bit far-fetched.


I never play during takeoff and landing because I normally film, but IF is my main game in the air:)


My main Game in the air is Emirates ICE entertainment system! 😂😂

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I always always film during taxi from the gate, to the gate, takeoff, and landing but if I’m in the air just cruising and I’m tired or bored I might pull out and go to solo mode and imitiae the same flight (complete with the same callsign etc.)

My YouTube channel wouldn’t exist if that was a thing!

Wanna know how I make IF more realistic?

When there is no ATC, I use real world departures and approaches from IFR charts. That really makes it feel so realistic.


I look like a complete avnerd when I do it, it’s embarrassing enough when people look at me when I’m taking photos. People just look at me and whisper " why is he taking photos of planes? Wow they’re planes, so interesting! ".

I think he means playing a game (I know it’s not a game, don’t kill me) during takeoff is kind of forbidden… I think.

If it was, everyone on my plane 2 days ago would be taken off the plane and there’d be no one going home!

I definitely plan to do this on my next flight. It sounds like a lot of fun:-)

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There’s only 1 thing. In real life when your about to take off, do you know that noise when the pilot puts the throttle up and your hear that high pitched noise and all of a sudden the plane shakes and you feel that push? Yeh, infinite flight doesn’t have that, not even the high pitched noise. When you takeoff of in infinite flight you only hear a boring mid pitched noise which doesn’t sound very realistic.

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Totally don’t care if people think I’m weird.

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I personally haven’t gotten any weird looks from people when filming…

Depends on where you are in the world. Here in the U.S. as long as you are not connected to external internet, you are allowed to be on small electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. Whether you are on IF or just filming it is allowed. Other countries I am not so sure, every country has their own regulations which you should abide by, and always listen to crew member instructions.

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Uh so how exactly does this make your game play more realistic? You’ve lost me. Just because your in a plane actually doing it? That some how makes you know what you’re doing?