How I made HB-CRW | CL35 Livery Competition

HB-CRW CL350 Livery Concept


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The first thing I did was to start looking at what already existed in real life on the CL35. I did this to see if there were any limitations or design features that would not work. What was also clear, was that the livery had to be original and a business jet style of livery.


After looking at CL35’s, I decided to check out some other private liveries on other aircraft. I then found a concept I liked. Even though the livery I saw was on a PC-24, I knew I could work with this concept.

Working With The Template

Working with the template provided was difficult, since there were no layers, unlike most templates used in the Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Part 2 . This made it an interesting, but fun challenge.

As you can see, a lot manual work was required to create an outline of the aircraft. Holes had to be cut for the wheel bay, windshield and windows.

Initial Concept

After creating my initial concept, I went through again and had a look what could I improve. Something felt like it was missing. I wanted to keep the livery simple and not add many colours. In this version there was also no windshield mask. The colour also changed here to #31353A. This colour you can also find on the IFC when using dark mode. It’s the same colour as the button for creating a new topic.

The Final Result

The final result has more details and as you can see more hints of read. I added details, like the front panels, the cargo door and many more smaller things.


I’ve mad a list of questions I saw on Instagram and on the official Infinite Flight Discord. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask below.

Why has the aircraft got a Swiss Registration?

As some of you might know, I am dual nationality, Swiss and British. I wanted to add my own unique mark to the aircraft and decided to add a Swiss Registration. Why not one from the UK, well that’s simple. We already have quite a few with G- prefix.

Isn’t the flag of Switzerland square?

Yes, that is correct, but there some exception. The civil and state ensign of Switzerland, used by Swiss ships, boats and non-governmental bodies, is rectangular in shape and has the more common proportions of 2:3. More information can be found here on the rules for registering an aircraft in Switzerland.

The Livery is quite bland / boring, did you not want to make it more interesting?

Whilst I understand that some have said it looks boring, I have my reasons on why I decided on this design. I wanted to keep it a simple and clean design. Adding loads of different shaped lines, logos, colours or text would have made livery look overcrowded. The CL35 is quite a small aircraft, so it was important to keep details visible, whilst still adding some variation.

Hope you all enjoyed this walkthrough on how the livery was made. I would like to thank all of those who voted!

See you in the skies,



Interesting 👀

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i will for sure keep a eye on this

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Ah, looks like some people are salty. 😂


Congrats @Chris_Wing !

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Hopefully it’ll be in the sim soon™

Meh, people will always complain. Kept it simple for a reason



very welcome :D

now I look at it, I realise mine had even less of a chance lol


At least you had the opportunity to compete…

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@Chris_Wing 😍 I’ll fly your plane a lot, you can expect that lol 😂.

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Nice thread, Chris!


Glad to hear that. I’ll keep an eye of for you!

Cheers Dan!

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Very lovely livery congrats. However, are there any plans for different colors? For example, changing grey to dark blue.

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Thanks! Uh probably not since that’s the design I went with. I’m sure once the livery is in the sim, some adjustments can be made if necessary.

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Nice job @Chris_Wing! I can’t wait to fly this thing!

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Sorry for the massive bump, lol, but I can’t really say how wrong I was when judging this livery. At first glance, it looked super boring, and likely something I’d rarely fly. Fast forward 2 months, and seeing other people’s screenshots made me fall in love with it. Whenever I get the chance to fly the CL35, there’s no doubt about what’ll be the first livery I’ll fly! An absolute stunner, especially with those black wings!


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