How I got into aviation?

Ah yes… This is gonna be a long story. I don’t think anybody is ready to read all of this, but here it goes.

These were the days where I really didn’t know anything about aviation. I always loved plane games. I played some crappy ones where paper airplanes would have a race and stuff, and I always played it with friends. Those were the days. I remember when I had X-Plane 9, and I tell you, that sim was everything to me. I bought a couple planes and I had a great time flying with them. I basically mastered my landings and takeoffs after playing it non-stop, almost every day. It got boring to me after a while. I stopped being in love with planes and stuff for about 3 years I would say. Within those 3 years, I always wondered on 9/11, why in school in the middle of the day, the principal would come on the loudspeaker asking us to take a moment of silence. My curiosity in that turned into a wild research into 9/11. I looked at a bunch of documentaries, and I knew lots about the World Trade Center and 9/11 from all that. But one thing I never really studied was the planes that were used on 9/11. I studied the airports they came from, the terrorists, the types of planes and everything. But I never really worried about the planes too much, so that was the end of that. I stopped looking into 9/11 and stuff when I was 14. At this time, I’m into meteorology. I watched The Weather Channel every day, looking at tornadoes, hurricanes, you name it. There was this show that came on the channel every now and then called “Why Planes Crash”. I LOVED it, and my love for that show ignited my love for aviation. And yes, I no longer loved meteorology. I started looking for simulators in the App Store. The first one I saw was X-Plane 10, and I was so hyped for it! I haven’t played X-Plane in a long time, and they had a new version, so I thought this was gonna be even BETTER than the old one! But turns out, I didn’t like it that much. You only had one plane which was a Cessna 172 (I think), and the other 4 you had to pay for with 5 bucks each. I thought it was a ripoff. The other planes weren’t even that great after all. Then I looked at their multiplayer, and it wasn’t fun at all because it was through Game Center, and many people wouldn’t join my flight. It was a bad feeling, knowing that it couldn’t get any better than X-Plane. I started looking up other sims in the App Store, and I downloaded a couple horrible ones… Such as “Airplane!” and some other ones that weren’t at all realistic and too buggy. I gave up, and played some other games. I almost lost my love for aviation. In the summer of 2015, I went on a flight from New York to Orlando on jetBlue. It was my first flight EVER. I was so scared. 9/11 rushed into my thoughts when I got in the cab that took me and my mom to the airport. When I got on the plane, I tried to calm down as much as possible. Then an announcement came on saying that it was the Captain’s first time flying the airplane. GREAT. Making things even better for me. We finally started moving, and it felt like we made so many turns, I thought we would never take off! We made one more turn, and after that, I was pushed back into my seat, and the plane was going so damn fast, I wasn’t ready for this… We took off, and it really wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it! We got above the clouds and it was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. When we were landing in Orlando, we were over a bunch of water, and we were so low that I thought we were gonna crash or something. But then I saw land, and as I saw the runway get closer to my face, I prepared for a hard landing. To this day, that was the smoothest landing I’ve ever experienced. It was so smooth, the view was so beautiful, and everybody clapped (knowing it was the Captain’s first time). The engines powered down, and the sound was so calming. We made it to Orlando! The rest isn’t important. We flew back to New York in a month. After that flight, I went on YouTube and started looking at aviation videos of planes taking off and landing. One day I decided to look up “Biggest Airplane Ever”, and I found the plane called the A380. I couldn’t believe it was so huge! I realized that the plane I was on the day of the flight was an A320. It couldn’t even compare with the A380. The A380 was officially my favorite plane after that. One day, I decided to look up “A380” in the App Store, and the first thing that came up was an app called “Infinite Flight” with an A380 as the main picture for the app. It looked so realistic! I thought “WOW, this looks even better than X-Plane!”. I looked at the rest of the pictures and I just had to get it. But it cost $4.99. Was it really worth it? I looked at all the reviews, and most people said that it was an amazing app, totally worth the money. I had made up my mind that I had to get this. I couldn’t wait to get 10 bucks to go buy an App Store card at GameStop. I got it, and I tried to get back home as fast as possible to unlock the code. It compared with the first time I got Minecraft for my phone. The day I got Minecraft was the happiest day ever (lol let’s stay on Infinite Flight). But anyway, I got the 10 dollars put on my phone, and I went ahead and bought Infinite Flight. So many different planes to fly, so many new things I’ve heard of! I had to learn knots, how to use autopilot, how to takeoff, all that stuff. But the first plane I EVER flew was the A380. That is my first recorded flight. I used the squares that helped me get my first flight done, and it wasn’t an easy task honestly. It was an intimidating experience, because IF had so many buttons and different things to use that X-Plane didn’t have. There was no going back to X-Plane after that. Infinite Flight had the ultimate experience. I thought it was a little too much to charge 5 bucks for almost every other aircraft, but that was okay. It was actually worth it this time. Because of Infinite Flight, I learned how to fly patterns, ascend and descend to different altitudes, master the autopilot, everything. The first day with Infinite Flight, I played it for 7 hours. Then the day after that. The day after that, so on and so forth. Every day. Now, I have about 60,000 XP from all my flying, and I’ve worked my way from the Free Flight server to the Advanced Server. Now that I look back on days of my flying in the Free Flight server, I really had no idea what I was doing. Infinite Flight has given me most of my knowledge of aviation today. It’s my all time favorite app on the App Store. [quote=“FlyFi, post:45, topic:26201, full:true”]
I remember the days when I thought X-Plane was as good as it can get… Thank you, Infinite Flight. :)



Oh my God… This is longer than I thought.


Well done for creating the longest post I’ve ever seen on this community. As of now I haven’t finished reading.


Very nice! I’ll have to share my own discovery of Infinite Flight sometime. ;)

@Freddiefrogs: This isn’t even close to how much I write. Check out my “Art of Sequencing” tutorial. Much longer than this. :P

@FlyFi: Express yourself, dude. It was nice to read this. You shouldn’t worry about writing too much. Trust me- I have a lot of personal experience in that department. :P

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Amazing story, I was also scared the first time I had been on a plane in like two years, and same as you, I thought it was the greatest thing on earth.

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Do you know whats very very weird … I had the exact same story happen to me aswell lol ! from xplane to Infinite flight, to finding the A380, I had the same experience ! Great you told everybody though

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I can’t exactly remember how/when I was suddenly engaged with aviation, but I remember when I was younger we were at Rome Fuimcino. It was an Alitalia flight form London City and we parked at a location away from the main terminal. A bus took us back to the terminal building and I saw lots of airlines I had never heard of (I had only thought of stuff similar to: BA, AA, KLM, J2 (based in my local airport so I knew it), DL, AC.) such as Post Italiane Airlines (I only saw this one because my brother misread it as “Palestinian Airlines” and exclaimed his finding to the rest of the cabin). On the way back to the terminal I asked my dad what the biggest aircraft was and he said simply ‘an Airbus’. I had no idea what they looked like but I imagined it literally as a flying bus. My dad pointed the Emirates A380 out to me and I was bewildered by its size. I just hooked with my interest from there. The only other A380 that I have seen for definate was a Thai one banking in its hold over London, on the way back from Camden Market.


Wow xD… And yeah, the A380 is a big one. When I landed in New York I saw a nearby 777… And I thought THAT was huge.

Lol, founding fathers thought the Declaration of Independence would be a short page. And now, if you go to DC, it goes around an entire room 😂


Thats really great!! There are some similarities as to how i got onto aviation as well and it feels good to have that in common with some people.

Only thing is, i changed my goal from piloting to atc about 6 years ago.

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I had the same experience when i drove by Newark, it was a 777 200ER, still damn big!

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At a young age is when I started to love aviation. Very good story and I loved it.

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Good story, mine is relatively similar! :)

I feel like I should be crying after reading this… :( Really nice story.


Those were the days. ;D

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Nice story :) ! I was only 7 years old. started reading books xD did go nuts, then just F-16s passed by 😂