How I get to Grade 2? I have 6 Violations and the max for Grade 2 is 5?

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It simply means that your require to have only 5 violations in the past 24 hours. You will just have to wait until your last violation wears off. Then you will reach Grade 2.


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You just need to wait 24 hours and the violations should refresh themselves
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You’ve gotten 6 violations in the last 24 hours, which means that, 24 hours after you getting those violations, the violations (24 hours) will wear off to zero and you’ll be grade 2 again since the 7 day violation requirement is 25. 6 days later, your violations (7 days) should wear off to zero as well. If that is not going to be the case, try doing a short flight on the casual server to refresh the server and your stats.

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See this for more information on violations:

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Make sure you don’t get any new violations!

  • watch your taxi speed
  • stay under 250 kts while under 10,000 feet
  • stay with your aircraft until you’re at cruise

Happy flying!


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