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Thought people may enjoy this, so I am going to give it a go.

It is the beginning of summer, and as a high school student at a high school in the state of Massachusetts in the United States, I thought that I should give myself a challenge to fly on infinite flight. My challenge is to visit the 100 busiest airports in the world before the end of the summer vacation on August 31. Easy, right? There is a catch, however: I must takeoff from the last airport I landed at, and all the flights I do must be real flights. Example: If I need to get from Hangzhou, China to London STN, I cannot just fly there. I have to find a way to use Infinite Flight’s liveries and planes to fly real flights and get there. So, to connect those two airports, I would fly from Hangzhou to Amsterdam on a KLM 789 as KLM 882, then fly to Berlin TXL on a KLM 738 as KLM 1829, then from Berlin TXL to London STN on a British Airways ERJ-190 as Speedbird 2298. It can get difficult.

As we speak, I am flying from HGH to AMS as KLM882. That is why I used that example. I have so far visited 17 of the worlds 100 busiest airports. I do all of my flying on expert server. My display name is Jack Breslin.

I give myself a little leeway when it comes to type of aircraft. For example, if I have to fly Spiritwings 805 from BOS-ATL, the aircraft used on that flight is an A319. However, Infinite flight only has an A320 for Spirit Airlines. I will use the A320 and still fly the route. Also, if I am completely stuck somewhere (usually it happens in Africa or South America) and cannot find a route to get out of an airport, I will fly a certain airplane with a generic livery using the same callsign I would have if I had the normal paint. For example, say I were stuck in Boston (I know this would never happen and Boston has flights out of it from everywhere) and I was trying to get to Lisbon. TAP’s A330 flies that route, and that is not in the simulator. If it were desperate I would use a plain white A330 and fly with the callsign used for that route.

I have a spreadsheet made up with all of my flights. I will link it here. Feel free to follow along.

Happy Landings!


That’s sounds like a really good challenge. This is exactly what global is all about, good luck and enjoy Jack!


I sure hope you know what those 100 airports already known, so you could plan for advance! It’s so detailed and informative I couldn’t have done it myself! This gives me ideas for summer though.:-)

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