How I do a 3 point landing

Ya’ll have probably seen the tutorial for the IF XCUB (its very helpful). One thing though it forgets to mention how much trim is needed for a three point landing. For a three point landing you want to start rounding out at 9-10ft AGL, and then do a full flare at 5ft AGL and once the speed is down to 45KTs then you trim up to 100% and the plane will land with all three wheels on the ground.

What ifs.

What if when I flare I gain too much altitude?
try losing some altitude without putting it down too hard or just go-around

What if I flare too late and do a wheel landing and start bouncing?
go-around ASAP

what if I flare too early and stall?
try adding power back to go around or have a softer landing but the plane can deal with a hard landing.

Thanks for reading Hope this was helpful!


if you have further questions post below.

Thanks for this info! I have never seen this. Learn new info everyday!

This suits #ground-school:community-tutorials more (if there isn’t a tutorial about that there)

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I need approval to post there.I would say it fits live well.

You just post and a moderator will look at it; most, if not all, posts get approved (with good info)

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Just for what it’s worth, trim was excluded because it’s nothing more than assist which is heavily based on an ever-changing set of variables. More or less, you’re making adjustments until it feels right vs it being a set % that works every time.

That said, I don’t believe trim is intended to replace a main control surface. Trimming to 100% and pulling back on the yoke are no different. In a critical phase I’d recommend using the elevator without using the trim tabs in lieu of for a round out.

Pitch for speed. Throttle for altitude. Finally, a stabilized approach will lead to a good landing. 🙂


its talking about flare though, it is a little harder on the xcub to do a three point landing without using that trim.

Thanks, @Tyler_Shelton for the explaination! Didn’t know anything about this previously, I’m going ahead and watch the XCUB tutorials while I’m at it.

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they are very helpful, they got me from endless ground loops to nice landings.

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You’re right, trim is likely necessary to maintain the level attitude needed for a three point landing. My point is (no pun intended) that trim and your attitude should be set and established before a 5ft call out as part of the stable approach criteria.


ya, I usually already have trim at 30% but I switch it to 100 to get the three point landing without any delay.

I won’t knock it if it’s working! I always encourage correct procedures from the start to avoid unlearning a potentially bad habit. The XCub is a tough one to master but can be so rewarding once you get it figured out. 🙂

Keep at it! I’ll have to join one of your back country adventures soon.


Thanks, there will be a project idaho backcountry flight this weekend. (suprise suprise it will be in an xcub)

I will notify you when I publish the topic.

I’ll keep an eye out! Tag me if I miss it. 👊 Thanks for sharing your method, Juan!


Anytime! good day.

:) juan

Could someone please link in a XCUB tutorial please, I haven’t ever given the XCUB much thought so why don’t I start now?

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Have a look at this tutorial!


A disclaimer, Look at the tutorial first and then read this, since this kinda plays off of the tutorial.

Juan :)

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