How I choose my live flights

So I really didn’t know what to post about today so I thought some of you would like to know how I choose what aircraft and route I use for flying; well here’s the answer (its pretty simple). First I go on FlightAware. Then I click on “Random Flight”. After that I simply look at what plane, what waypoints, and how long it will take. (One extra step I use for aircraft with multiple liveries is to go on Flight Radar 24 and look up the flight on there to see what livery its in)


Oh, and if the plane or livery is not available in IF then just hit random flight again.

Comment how you choose your flights!

I choose my flights by looking at my VA’s database.


I just fly…

Think of a route, get my waypoints from and poof. As simple as that.

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I choose my flights based on real world schedules of SWISS sister airline Edelweiss, meaning I will fly the real flights (as much on time as I can) from Zurich and back.

So basically if I am willing to fly I check out Flightradar24 for the departures at Zurich and see which flight fits my schedule and interests me.

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#1: Go to the IFC and check the ATC schedule
#2: Search one of the featured airports’ airlines and destinations on Wikipedia
#3: Find a flight to an underserved or less-known airport that meets my time constraints
#4: Set up flight
#5: Fly


#1: Search airport which I want to fly to/from
#2: Repeat steps 3-5

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Where are you seeing random flight

hover over live flight tracking and random flight is one of the options.

You can also get random flights from FPLtoIF by going to the page linked below. The FPL it gives you finds the missing waypoints and replaces them with coordinates.


yeah but some of them are not real flights on there.

I do the same. What a coincidence!

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