How I can report a ATC for being AFK?

Is there a way to report a ATC for being AFK? If yes, then tell me how to report a ATC. I been on hold short for like 10 minutes and the ATC did not respond at all. Get also did not respond to other planes, too. I have some picture to show the evidence of this event occurred.

P.S. Is this a right topic to tell. If not, tell me I am on a wrong topic. I am a new to this community.

Is this Training Server or Expert?

It on Training Server.

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At what airport are you at?

In that case, there is not much we can do about that.

Sorry about that

There is, I may know them. :)

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Okay then.

Most of the time that’s the case though

It at KLAX (Los Angles)

Ok then, never mind. If you can find them on here via the search bar, that would be your best bet. :)

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If it is on Training server there is no way to report them. If you do look at there name to see if there on the IFC then you can PM. If not I dont know any other way to notify them or report them. Best way is to just spawn in later or go to another airport

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I think that the system will kick them off after a certain amount of idle time without sending commands.


KLAX Tower

The ATC Name

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It looks like they dont have an IFC account.

Okay, I see they don’t have IFC account.

Are you still at the airport?

It’s best to stay away from KLAX on training since you’re new. Follow the ATC schedule on the training server and you’ll get a better experience, but everyone involved is still as new to ATC as you are new to flying. :)

Many TS1 Contorllers and pilots don’t have IFC accounts or may never even have heard of IFC.
It’s unfortunate but u have to deal with it.

No, I quit because the ATC is not responding.

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He is still active as Tower so no clue what is happening