How I can fly online?

I am new to the game, I had flown over 131 in solo mode, finally good enough to flight online, but the system telling me I have to grade2 to flight online, I am grade 1, it say I have to flight for at least 1 hour and 25 landing, etc… to move up to grade 2, but I can do that if I cannot flight. Is specific airport that I can use to accomplish this? Or is something wrong with my system. Thanks for the help.

You can only fly on casual sever

You need to fly on casual server first.

Can you please elaborate? I’m having trouble understanding the situation.

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So u have 3 server options casual, training and expert, you will need to start at casual and work your way up

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say

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Yes, I want to flight online, I select practice server (I assume that’s the correct server because I’m new) but I see some reply telling me I have to go to casual server, I’ll try that.

I thought training is the way to start, but ok cool I’ll try casual one thks!


The Casual Server is for Grade 1 people.
Once you go to Grade 2, you will have access to the Training Server.
After reaching Grade 3, you will have access to the Expert Server.

Your flights on Solo mode DO NOT count towards your Live stats.

Hope this helps, @Jorge_Gonzalez.


Yes…unfortunately the Training Level Grade requirement was uped to Grade 2 because it was becoming the Casual Server 2.0

however it doesn’t seem to have made any difference, TS is still Casual 2.0 :)

Thank you for the responds everybody. I just finish my first flight in the casual server. I only need 24 more landing to move to grade 2.

Do pattern work and you’ll get 24 in no time. And if you really want to speed up pattern work, choose a small airport and an F22

Hey, I flew a small plane for like 20 min and land, but the system still say I have only one land. Is any amount of time I need to be count a land??

Yeah wait a bit and see if the landings come in.

Ok, weird because as soon I end my frist flight from katl to ktpa it show right of way.

I’ll keep trying, I already log off and log back in still say 1 landing. The XP point is up, but did not show the second landing.

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Try doing some touch and goes, that will help rack up the landings and get you some landing practice.

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I already log off and log back in still say 1 landing. The XP point is up, but did not show the second landing.

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