How I can download all planes in one time?

Hi. Due to an issue, I had to reinstall Infinite Flight, so, I lost all my aircrafts and replays.

With the new app; the download of an aircraft is while you launch your flight.

It would take a long time if I want to download all the liverys of all airplanes. How can I download all of them in one time only? (or like the previous version)

I have an iPhone 7 for info. iOS 12.2.
And I don’t have any wifi connection, only LTE (data).
~2.5Gb free available. ( “~” because the system take sometime plus or less space)

I believe you currently can’t, download all of them at once. You just have to download them one by one you fly, and if you see others in liveries you don’t have, it will download those (depending on your settings). This will save a little storage also by reducing the amount of liveries stored on your device because you (most likely) don’t fly all the aircraft and every livery in IF

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You can enable, automatic download planes over cellular data option in the settings, I believe. If not, do what @Daniel14 stated.

In the recent update they made it to where they automatically download when you use each livery. You dont need to manually download them anymore. Hope this helps

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Thanks you all. The solution was to enable “automatic airplane download over data”.

I started a flight and all planes around me were automatically downloaded!!