How i can be an ATC on expert server?

How i can be ATC on expert server?

Hi there!

First, you’ll need to be TL1. Once you become a basic user, contact one recruiter that’s listed on the page below. Be sure that you meet all requirements before applying. Good luck!


Oh Thank you man!

I learned real quick not to contact more than one recruiter! Mark my words @alberto_lopez :)

Why you say it bro?

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Just a heads up :)

He said that because your meant to contact only 1 recruiter and 1 only.

Are you a staff bro?

Staff admins can be found below with the moderators of the forum.

Thank you im New on this.


I was just making sure you understood what 1 recruiter meant. I dont want what happened to me happen to you … that’s all 😀

Oh… And you have to wait more time?

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Yeah I got suspended for 5 months until I could apply again… this was a while back though

When did you get IF?

Some get inpatient & contact others after contacting 1 which is not supposed to happen. Be patient & the recruiter will respond when they get a chance to.

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I play if for 3 year but in the forum im new

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Wow… Much time

I took my written test today and I failed, unlucky):
But I was so close I missed 1 mark

Thank you for that information

Yes it was a very long wait