How I can appeal my report

Today , I take off at RJTT with Expert Server. I promise that I can’t find any tower frequency when I change my frequency ( only ground frequency ). In that way, I use unicom frequency to announce taking off with the safe condition. But @ifatc-diamondgaming4 ghosted me because I haven’t contect tower ~~~ There was no tower frequency on my equipment , how to request ? when I want to PM him , I can’t connect him because I am a new guy , what should I do ? I think my behavior is innocent . thank you for your help!

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You came to the right place! The IFC is the right way to discuss reports.

@DiamondGaming4 will send you a PM.


Please contact @DiamondGaming4
I see you are TL0 so you can’t pm people. He’ll will get notified and will contact you.

Welcome to the community!

@DiamondGaming4 will contact you and then you will be able to talk with him

Enjoy your time here,


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