How I became the least wise person ever to land at TNCM

Today, a few hours ago, I was doing a flight from MMUN to TNCM right? Everything was looking normal until I landed. Now, this was my first time at TNCM so I barely new that there was a back taxi I started to panic because I already passed the rwy exit for the bigger sized planes. (I was an American 77W) I ended up exiting where I don’t even is an exit.

So I ultimately gave up and left.
Very pro like 😂🥲
Sorry to the ATC that witnessed that. Now I know.


Don’t worry, we all mistakes, just ask @AviatorDan and his infamous landing gear mistake hahaha.

In all seriousness, you will learn from the mistakes you make, and that allows you to grow, so you might’ve embarrassed yourself, but that opens up learning possibilities!


Lol. Hopefully that won’t happen again


Haha that story is one of a kind, but we all make mistakes. Next time just take a look at your arrival airport beforehand. I’m going to start doing that too…


I just look at the gates. I really never landed at a airport with a back taxi.

I am also going to do that too

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Haha, I remember that :)

We all make mistakes, and we learn.

Don’t let your mistakes define you and undermine your self-confidence. Let your mistakes be your teachers so you can learn and grow from them.”

“Don’t let your mistakes define you, let them redefine you.”

When in aviation, always think ahead, do not wait until the last minute. Plan plan plan… then, you will eventually have it down.


The most important thing in aviation is planning. Always think about how you’re going to get off the runway before you start your approach.


We all make mistakes. I once landed at KSAN with flight spoilers because when I was slowing down I deployed flight spoilers and forgot to arm them after


Hey man we’re not all perfect!!


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