How i almost got a taxi speed violation

  1. I made a landing at Addis Abeba in a 747-8

  2. Expert server. The landing was bad, it was hot, high, and hard…


…nevertheless I really think the 747 needs fundamental rudder rework. With a light crosswind of 6-10 Knots from the right i veered off the runway. Notice, that the rudder is deflected fully towards the runway centerline. It has barely no effect which it should have, especially at high speeds (v squared). I almost got a taxi speed violation out of this.

This is very unrealistic, the yaw dynamics on the runway for the 747-8 are poor and it may cause undeserved violations. Thus i will refrain from flying the 747-8 on the expert server from now.

I would put this up in the feature request but i do not have the rank to do this.

I just want to share my opinion, maybe you have had simlar 747 experiences.


Hello! If you feel this way, you can vote for the 747 rework here:


Thank You for the hint, i just voted this cause i love the 747s :) !
I think the yaw and rudder dynamics on the runway are a major problem not only on the 747, but especially there…

Hey. Watch your language, remember, there are kids here. :)

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Can You point out the critical parts? So i can edit this…

Check your 2nd bullet.


Thank You =)
I retried

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If you want to avoid this kind of a situation next time, I could see that you made no attempt to try to “crab” land, but only relying on the rudder. Right before you touch down, you could tilt the plane a bit from the wind (plus rudder).

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I was trying to fly KLM 747 Amsterdam-TNCM and the 747 was just flying in circles.

I watched the video and I believe the problem was because of incorrect timing of your rudder. Rudder adjustments should be made about 10 to 15 feet above the ground to align with the centerline. Do not wait until you are in the ground to adjust. Furthermore, I would reccomend checking out the IF YouTube channel to get very in-depth tutorials on crosswind landing :)

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You need to decrab when flaring not after touching down. You are lucky you didn’t end up in a spin or a drift actually.

It’s not a problem with the plane. I did a test on solo, decrabbed fine at MLW in 20 kts crosswind.

On a more casual note, did FRA-ADD myself in the A333 today. That thing lands like butter.

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In fact that has happened to me. i find the rudder to be difficult to control on the 747