How high have you been in Infinite Flight?

What is the highest altitude that out you have flown on Infinite Flight? Reply with snapshots and max altitude.

I’ll start us off:

796,300 MSL

Well some people have gone past the moon and made it to mars so…

Have you done that?

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Check out the infinite flight records to see how high some people in infinite flight. Sadly you are about 1,200,000ft off the record! Infinite Flight Records | Could you beat one?

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60,000 feet is the highest I have been in a fighter and 43,000 feet is the highest I have been in a commercial aircraft.

I’ve gone to -130,000 feet in a C-130 and 300,000 feet in a F22.

So high that my altitude goes off the hud and doesn’t show… at this point the earth wasn’t visible. 😂

If you get high enough gravity no longer works and you just infinitely spin in one direction

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if you reached 700000 passing through the ground then it is not worth it, because it is not the realism that we seek, I the maximum that I have reached is 87000ft, with all the effort and it was in the air not on the ground!

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I’ve gone I believe 800 Billion I think it was or 80 million or 800 idk but I was past the moon I’m try and find the pic

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