How have you dealt aviation as a whole during the pandemic?

To all those pilots, crew members and AMO’s that may be flying here which I’m sure is all of you, well most of you, Id love to know how, during this pandemic, have dealt with aviation as a whole, were you still flying was did you close boarders or only domestic flight, Here in South Africa we closed our boards and all flight for at least 6 months, most of our pilot on our national carrier and local carriers lost their jobs but thankfully I was busy with my instructors and now with the boarders opened I have been instructing and working towards my ATP.

So my question is, what have you done during this time?

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General Aviation is booming over here in the U.K, however there has been a noticeable increase in accidents, there has been a few minor incidents at my local airfield and at least one major incident. Really shows that pilots are not keeping current during these times. I can also say the Biz-Jet industry seems to have taken off (no pun intended), seen quite a lot of activity about in regards to that.

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Do you think it’s a lot of furloughed or fired airline pilots trying to maintain some sort of currency? That’s been my working theory, all be it I’m not flying but I’ve seen the same thing on flight radar 24 here in the US. Lots of Cessnas around but I have no hard data to back this up so perhaps it’s just my locality or I’m just noticing them more with a bunch of airliners taken out of the mix.

I would say so, yes. But also, I know flying schools are struggling to keep up with the demand, there are a lot of new student pilots I have noticed, and a lot of ATPL students now becoming instructors.

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Ive also noticed a lot of pilots who werent flying began streaming on twitch.

Its noticeable to see after the UK went out of a strict lockdown to see GA flights rising quickly

Really? What have they been streaming on Twitch? Them flying or playing flight simulator/Infinite Flight :P

Yeah Our flight schools have started up and where I instructor we are booming and growing, that being said, Airline/Commercial travels has obviously taken a toll but Executive travel has sky rocketed due to airlines asking an Absurd amount of money.

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