How has the S-76 accident affect the industry?

This is just from an industrial point of view and a fantastic reminder, this post is not a place to be a NTSB investigator and post your theories

As an industry anytime we lose one of our own it rips through the community, everything from HEM pilots dying because the company wants them to fly and pressure them to flying into wires. Helicopter Pilot Network is a group of 15,000 pilots, mechanics and sales people on Facebook the primary object of this group is to connect others to jobs.
HPN Owner JP recently made an article on the group to challenge pilots how we do not take full advantage of helicopters. Whether we think the weather is bad or good.


The challenge is out, if you have to don’t hesitate to land your helicopter this actually began really great conversation between pilots with 24 thousand hours to pilots with 150 hours.

A good friend of mine had to share her story

Pilots from all over had share their stories about landing in unusual places, everything from on a an Arbys parking lot to some one backyard with their CH-47.

This is a fantastic reminder and a great way to let people know as helicopters we have the ability to land and a community coming together to fight for each other. We want to make sure everyone wakes up tomorrow.


So out of curiosity what are the restrictions on whare a helicopter can land? Could I plop down in my yard legally if I felt like it and had enough room? What about the neighbors yard? I assume they would get some say in that…

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Trying find the actual reg forgot the number stand by

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AH HA! Found it, 14 CFR 91.119:

(d) Helicopters, powered parachutes, and weight-shift-control aircraft. If the operation is conducted without hazard to persons or property on the surface.

We have the ability to land anywhere and do it if its safe. Now if its a neighborhood and we land due to bad weather and they call the cops. I think the cops would side the pilot and understand.


That’s awesome! Haha I want a helo now and I’m only one step away! Just have to win the lottery! (then all the licenses and how to fly etc. but that’s not the main issue here)

In regards to the article I think the way they are going about this is very cool! Anything for safety I guess.


How and where do you buy a chinook?

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How? Have a lot of money
Where? Buy it from Boeing

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