How has IF helped you?

We all know that Infinite Flight is the best simulator of all, do you agree?
Anyway, my point is how this sim helps you?
Do you become a pilot because of this sim or do you inspire by this APP?

Infinite Flight has certainly helped me with my knowledge of how to fly a plane. It taught me autopilot, approaches, and such. It’s been a tremendous help. By the way, you might want to edit what you said, because there are some spelling and grammar errors.

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When I first used the game it was kind of complex, but then I understood the controls and how to “domesticate” the airplanes😂 But it taugh me how to land (because in x-plane I was terrible)

I think IF is the best simulator and also a learning sim, because I learned more English and learned more about ATC. And besides, if I get bored, I’m playing more IF!

IF sparked my dream to get my PPL. I know take lessons because of it. Thanks FDS!

What I would be saying would be the other way around… When I’ve heard of the ATC feature in Infinite Flight, I quickly came and I tried to earn a Grade 2 to be able to enter ATC Playground… Yes, I’m not the typical enthusiast who dreams to be a pilot but rather, my dream job is ATC :)

I only started flying regularly after I was invited by @B767fan to Skyliner and finally this month, I started my own VA…

I still do go back to controlling at times, PG of course…

Perhaps some of you know that I’ve tried to enforce the runway direction rule but people kept defying it so I decided to be a little more flexible with the rules and yes, today, I am very satisfied with what I do on ATC Playground even though people always say that the Nimrods spoil our fun in PG

Unlike many people that I have noticed, I actually wait for the traffic to come because indeed, when they come, the traffic builds up and you get that feeling of excitement… Initially I never announced my PG activity on IFC (the [Open] WSSS PG post), yet I still got the same amount of traffic… To those who enter as an ATC then leave shortly after, be patient! Traffic will come, that’s what I always tell my other friends :)


How has ∞F helped me? has killed my boredorm by 75 percent ✌❤

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It helped me learn more about aviation, aircraft types, and airlines. It makes me really want to be a pilot.

Well… How has IF helped me? Man it has actually changed my life. I remember when I wanted to be a little airline pilot and fly passenger all around the world and have that glamour. Soon later I got Ito the realism of it and started to play IF and realized that it just isn’t for me. I later get back into it and I find out that I like it again. I lose interest again. But then I did some reader has on the Airforce and navy. It all changed there. I will be going to a naval high school and join the Airforce later on. This wouldn’t have happened if IF didn’t exist!👍

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Yeah pretty much the same but I’ve mostly been focusing on ground control. It’s extremely enjoyable and a very important aspect otherwise you get major clogs just for aircraft taxing. Plus I’ve prevented several collisions so far for aircraft coming off the runway and aircraft doing pushbacks. Pretty much my only complaint is that I have to constantly swap to tower view, which doesn’t zoom, in order to see the taxiways.

Psst… When I first started, I selected both Ground and Tower hahaha

It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re familiar with the airport ;)

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I’ve run both out of KPSP. Usually isn’t to busy and when it does get to be it’s usually gradual. Plus the two runways allow me to coordinate smaller aircraft onto one and larger the big runway which really clears up congestion.

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Haha i forget and do it again and again…unlike you i don’t last 30sec before i quit

I guess it really is about passion as I went the extra nautical mile to compile an ATC notes of my own for WSSS :3

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It has helped me a lot. Whenever I am bored, I just know what to do. IF. Wether it’s jumping on the community or dealing with the VA’s I work with, or even playing the sim, it’s just amazing. Boredom Killer 4 life. It also made me want to study for my PPL by around 35%. Good job devs and the people helping out with the sim.

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