How has aviation changed your life?

Today I decided to try and create a good thread that people like. So here we go.

In this thread I am asking that you share how aviation has changed your life, and what would be different if you did not have it. Simple enough, right? Okay, I’ll start.

Aviation has changed my life in a very positive way. It gives me something to do, and I really enjoy it. I feel that if I did not have aviation, I would be very different because I would have very different interests and time occupations.

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Have fun!!


Aviation has allowed me to discover so many cool places around the world!


Theoretically, if I wasn’t obsessed with aviation, my grades would probably be higher and I wouldn’t sleep at around 2 A.M. on a school night.

Though I would’ve probably found some other thing to procrastinate with.

Other than that, it’s fun.

Everything from flight sims, spotting, aviation news, airline wars, and traveling to different places.

Getting to watch all the innovations in aviation such as the new routes and cabin products has been amazing.

In other words, aviation relieves stress.


@Ishrion that was really well said.


Aviation has given me much more possibilities in life. It gave me dreams and a reason to work hard.


I got to discover such an amazing community hidden within aviation. The IFC is the main one, but others too! Aviation also got me into photography, where I realized that I love planespotting. I started a YouTube channel which I am still growing and all together learned so much! The people, forums, youtubers, photographers, airlines, simulators, everything. Aviation is by far the biggest passion I ever had, and just can’t ever see it come to an end. All together, I’d just like to thank everyone in aviation, for making this such an amazing place. Thank you all.


Bravo! That was great. 👍🏻

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Avation has changed everything for me. From not know what an autopilot was before and what I’ve learn is amazing. Would of never be here if it wasn’t for Infinite Flight.

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Aviation caused me to become extremely scared to fly into my home airport from 2016 to early 2019.

It also sparked my love for travel and many other things.

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aviation gives me the will to live
its also the only reason i try at school so I can be a pilot in the future so um yeah


How has aviation changed me?

As an aspiring pilot, it has made me try much harder in school to get the credentials I need to spread my wings. It has also helped me to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things. I have always wanted to explore the world but didn’t know how to do that with my “destined” 9-5 office job. Being a pilot would’ve filled that gap perfectly. Aviation comes with so many little things to learn about that I have always been interested in learning more about it while the amount of stuff left is basically neverending.

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@Micah_Brazil AVVA is the sole reason why my grades aren’t as good as they could be


Aviation has changed my life so much, and here’s how.

It all started when I visited the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, where I happen to know people that work there. I was little at the time, liking and declaring one of the first planes I saw as my favorite (MD-80 & CRJ-900). After a bit, opportunities started rolling around, getting to ride planes, getting to fly, meeting some amazing people. Aviation has opened up so many doors for me, and continues to do so. Quite frankly I can say, aviation has changed my life.

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Same. I’d it weren’t for my love of planes then I wouldn’t have failed 4 essays this year. The going to sleep at 2 A.M is not quite aviation related though for me.

Apart from my “lack of passing essays” aviation has led me to me so many new people both online and at my school. It has lead me to a path that I would like to follow through my life. It has given me something to do besides watching anime and going snowboarding during my free time.



Before I got to know aviation we had cruise ships seasons when there were a lot of cruise ships. I adored these beautiful boats (I still have low quality photos, but if you want to see those feel free to send me a PM)
Anyway, when the cruise ships were gone the only thing I had in mind was aviation, and why not? There wasn’t much to spot at my place, we once even got a 747. And a Qatar a340.
But then in 2017 I moved to the Netherlands. No cruise ships even near my place now. So my brain just goes for aviation mode, I miss the ships sometimes though.

I also have to mention that my ear had a hole in the eardrum, so I always puked on a flight. This just made my interest in being a pilot just going down, then my dad told me that I could be an Air Traffic Controller too. That was when I was 8, now I’m 13. And I still have the same dream.

The fun thing about aviation is that it changes every single day. One day that airline still exists and the other an airline adds more routes.

But when i haven’t gotten in love with aviation, I wouldn’t appreciate that I’ve flown on a KLM 747 or a Lufthansa A380. I wouldn’t care that I spotted the El Al 747 before it’s retirement, or a FlyBe plane.

I had the dream of being a captain of a cruise ship, but yeah that wouldn’t had hold on very long anyway.
I guess we’ll never know


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My neck hurts from looking at the sky
My nose hurts from being pushed against my camera
My behind hurts from being on the couch playing IF
My ears hurt from low passes
My eyes hurt from the sun
My hands hurt from the cold
It was 101% worth it.


Aviation has given me a future to look forward to and people to talk to. I can’t imagine my life without it.


Aviation teaches me to grow mature. I took my first flight when I was 6 month old. It was from ZSWZ to ZSHC. I am now a gold class member in Hainan Airlines. I remembered when I took their flight first time in 2014, when I was 15, and I took business class. I forgot my basketball on the flight… I thought I could’ve lost it. To my surprise, a cabin crew sent it to the airport’s lost and found. I finally got it back. Aviation taught me to look after my stuff carefully.

Aviation enabled me to fly abroad and study abroad. When I was 16, I took my first flight to the USA. I realize that aviation is truly a global language that people all over the world are using. I travelled to so many places with aviation. I think “aviation gives me a bold escape from real life.” Whenever I am tired of my current place, I fly to a new one. Through this process, I developed an open mindset to people who are different and holding different points of view (relatively).

As a resident of Beijing, home to the 2nd busiest airport in the world. I feel proud of our city and our airport.

(pic taken in SEA by myself)


Loved aviation since I could barely speak! 18 years later and I’m training towards my PPL, 19.7 dual hours and 2.7 solo hours. Chasing the dream is literally living the dream!

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I can definitely relate. Very well said!