How hard is it to make a Virtual Airline?

I would like to make a Virtual Airline for a Non-Real life airline called Aviation Airways, which I would like to base in Chicago Region (Quad City International Airport KMLI). I would like to know how difficult it would be to create a VA, and If I am in the correct level to do a VA. Thanks.

Planned Fleet (Generic Livery):
Dash 8 Q400

Planned Routes:
KMKE (Milwaukee, WI)
KRFD (Rockford, IL)
KORD and KMDW (Chicago, IL)
KGYY (Gary, ID)
KBMI (Bloomington/normal, IL)
KPIA (Peoria, IL)

Founded: August 10, 2016
Start of Operations: TBA

Once Global Flight comes out, this airline will move its operations to KMHT (Manchester-Boston Regional Airport).

EDIT: I can’t create a VA :( I’m not a Member (Sadness). But I will establish once I become member.


I love that your headquarters would be at the Quad City International Airport because that’s my home airport!!! 😊


It’s a lot harder to manage then you think. Especially of you want your VA to stand out


I can verify what Benny says as I’m part of his inner staff team it ain’t easy if you want a quality airline that being said it shouldn’t drive you away from making one

Ah, But when Global comes out I’m moving to MHT in New Hampshire, but don’t worry, there will be a route to KMLI.

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Can you give me some insight?

Pm me and ask away :)

I just PM’d you :)

It shudnt be hard
Now convincing people to join, thats hard

So getting people to join is hard? huh

Quick question: What is a virtual airline?

Airline used in Flight Simulators to simulate Real airlines. That’s my guess though.

I would assume it isn’t hard given the quality/work some of the ones around here have.

But I’m sure it can be very hard if you actually want active pilots (Look at Qantas Virtual)

Its not making the VA thats necessarily the hardest, it making it stand out and having people actually join it. There are so many VA’s out there right now that have no pilots and are inactive (about half of them)! So if your going to make one it should really stand out. :)

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Thats what I would like to do, but then there is school to worry about (3 weeks away)
I will make my Airline come true in Infinite flight.

Good luck with your VA, its a lot of hard work but fun. Its not just about getting the pilots but its about having good staff set up and lots of background research.

Some good threads on this forum about setting VAs up, so do your research and dont rush in to it!

Good luck

You can ask @BavariaAVIATION and myself to see how its easy… =D

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Not that easy as it seems. You Need to make a very detailed and professional website. A promo video. Photos that are edited. Need PIREP. Sign up application. A lot more information. Pilot roster. Fleet. Routes. Etc. In currently running Avianca Virtual all on my own. Which is getting difficult as we get more members. I would suggest you to join a VA first before creating one so you will know what to expect and what to do

I could create a website for your VA. I have website building experience with Weebly. Let me know if you want to collaborate.

I have been getting requests like this :) Thanks, I also have website building experience