How hard is it to get into a VA?

Im a Grade 2 Pilot IK Some VA’s don’t allow that but some do will this decrease my chances of getting accepted?


Usually being Grade 3 is in the requirements for most VA’s and VO’s


A lot of VAs require G3 but it really differs VA by VA. I have found some that don’t require anything but an IFC account.🤷‍♂️

Whats a VO?

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Virtual Organization

A virtual organisation

Ori ok thanks

My recommendation: Do server flights and get your grade up. But don’t just set your autopilot and let it happen. Actually fly in populated areas and learn how it works. Also go to the tutorials section and learn everything you can. Because a lot of VA/VOs require a knowledge exam.

Hi, most VA’s do require Grade 3 pilots but when looking at threads you can see, that some allow trusted Grade 2 pilots. Take a look at some threads in #live:va and apply to some that you like

Edit: some also allow like basic members but you are TL0 so yes that may be hard to get into, but once you are a basic member you will pretty much be all set. But some do allow trusted TL0 members


Lol I applied to Southwest VA right after posting this, Sorry I never saw any info about how i needed to be grade 3.

Please check for details about VA/VOs.

You may also check the #live:va category & search for virtual airlines you’d like to join. Most VA/VOs will have their requirements written on the thread, but you may need to check their websites at times.


Some VA’s have tests, but as long as you are pretty experienced you should be able to pass with ease

How do I get a higher trust level?

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Be active! You should be able to get TL1 soon.

Hey, I’m currently forming a VA which means I’m creating requirements, from experience with past recruiters and friends, you most likely need to be grade 3, have a pro subscription, and be decently educated with the different aspects of aviation and the game. Take your time as a grade two to prepare and form a basic understanding of aviation, or build off an existing one! Knowing climbing, descending and even lighting procedures are all major pluses for virtual airlines when recruiting.

Thanks for the info? I’d love join your VA once you get it started. (Ofc after I get grade 3)

I joined the Aeromexico VA (AMVA) when I was in Grade 2 [I DONT SPEAK FOR AMVA AND DONT KNOW THE CURRENT REQUIREMENTS] but it’d good idea to check them out

If you know basic aviation knowledge, you should be fine.

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what VA are you creating i could help

Most VA/VO requirements are usually Grade 3 or higher to ensure professionalism within the VA.

As mentioned above, would give you a list of all active VAs, and #live:va would provide you with what you want to know about the VA.

And again, this is becoming a advertising thread.