How hard is it to become a Flight Attendant

Hi everyone.
I have a friend who is a Flight Attendant for United Airlines (via United Express), and I am sure she’s based in Houston-Intercontinental (IAH), since that is where I am assuming all F/A’s go to train for UAL

The requirements say that you need a HS Diploma and at least be 18.
How hard would it be to become a Flight Attendant?

I am asking since I am no way able to be a Commercial Pilot (Due to being blind in one eye, and using corrective lenses), so my other option would be to become a Flight Attendant.

Thanks! :)

just so you all know, I have no way of Communicating with her


Houston, not Huston. I go there sometimes from Dallas-Fort Worth.

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I’ve had a few friends go through the process. Each airline has their own requirements. Some make you start out with the regional ones before moving up.

I do know that the training is somewhat intense as there is a lot to cover. Many get surprised at how much there is to cover. One of my friends said it was almost like they were training you to be a paramedic.

You are not going to break the bank working as a FA on day one and you need to work your way up. Don’t expect the cool routes until you have been there a while.


I forgot I have two options, I can be a Ramp Agent or a Flight Attendant.

I saw a video documentary once of Trainees going through all the process in Frontier Airlines (Medical, how to evacuate, ect), and it all seemed intense to me.


Well the training differs from airliner to airliner, depending on their requirements and policies.
Some if not most/all have some type of requirement for a specific length and weight.

Tolerance towards stress i another important factor. To be able to handle passengers in a effective manner and still be able to provide with top class service.

You’ll need to learn how rescue passengers in case of an emergency, both on land and water. To navigate through the plane to fins the nearest exist and help as many as possible to flee the aircraft.

Knowledge in Medical care will be needed and you’ll learn a lot more as well, in case a passenger falls ill. You’ll need to be quick and evaluate the condition of the ill one, whether he/she is in serious condition or not. And to effectively work to minimize any pain the person might be feeling. To prevent anything from going wrong, keep everything cool til the paramedics arrive.

Well there’s a lot to think about and learn, and i’m sure you’ll be fine if you go out to become a F/A but remember the training is intense just the the job will be, but still fun as long you enjoy what you’re doing :)


While im not sure this means anything, and is a bit off-topic, the guy i rent from has only 20% hearing in his right hear and holds a second class medical and a commercial pilot certificate. Not sure if there is anything you can do with being blind in one eye, but i know about hearing loss


A laser surgery might be an option to retrieve the eyesight again although at a very high price but it doesn’t come cheap :(

Although it depends on how bad your eyesight is and all and maybe you can work your way around with glasses or contacts?

Honestly if you have a contact in your blind eye, you should be fine to fly. As long as it’s in, I think you could still be able to become a pilot. I’ve had doctors tell me I’m okay to fly as long as I have my contacts in

if your contacts or glasses, if its corrected 20/20 its fine or close to that. i wear corrective lenses and im fine to fly

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I wear glasses and i’m also eligible to fly :)
Buuut my sight without glasses doesn’t even allow me drive a car… 😶


yah, funny how things are but in all seriousness, if you can get corrected 20/20 or close than you should be fine

Yep, same here. If I have my contacts in, I have 20/20 vision, without them I can barely see things 15 feet away.

Anyways, back on topic ;)

15 feet? For me it’s more like 5 feet… 😶

And yah back on topic 👍

This is very useful because I too can’t be a pilot because of a visual impairment and would like to become a FA for United

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I bet you’re fun at parties…


For Air New Zealand you need too have NCEA level 2, basically end of year exams. And be 18, and have 18 months customer care experience.


It’s quite different in Europe. I recently went for a easyJet assessment and a Ryanair assessment both different even though they are two of the most leading airliners in Europe.

easyJet was a lot more laid back, easyJet doesn’t have much requirements just the standard Maths and English along with being able to swim 25m and pass some online assessments before going to the assessment.

Ryanair on the other hand, again you need your English and Maths and swim 25m however you don’t need to do any online assessments as you just have to register your interest.

I’m not sure how its done over in the states though.


You should be an airline critic. Then you get to fly all over the world for free, and then just give reviews. I’m sure writing airline reviews takes no more than a diploma and some training with whatever company you’re at.

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Delta’s FA program is harder to get through than graduating from Harvard. An article was recently written on how hard the program is. From what I have heard is that the standards are high to be a flight attendant anywhere in the US.


I just got accepted as a position to be a Flight Attendant, I turned it down since I really love flying helicopters,
Some programs are very hard. I know the company I applied with they’re strict but if you’re willing to put the effort into it then you’ll do well. I had a friend who was a Flight Attendant with Emirates and they are probably the most strict company out there on how you look, height, weight, colour ect. She really loved it and they based in her Dubai and paid for everything!

I saw you mention about being a ramp rat, that’s a great way to get your foot into the industry that’s what I did from there the options are endless. I was able to be a load master on 747s because of that, good luck with whatever path you take my friend!