How global was possible?

hey there, hope y’all having a really nice day/night 🌝, first of all I would like a rich answer in the sense of details (cus I love to know everything)😇, I have a question that I’d love to see devs answer to it, how global was possible? and what were the “steps” to achieve such a thing?! it is crazy! and almost unbelievable that a mobile sim could achieve that!

from basic looking regions to the whole world, that’s like WOW!


This is where it all started:

Also this is an interesting wiki about the history of IF right here:


Man that feels like so long ago! The wait and anticipation was the biggest I’ve ever seen for IF! It seemed like everyday people waited to see the new glimpse at global, speculating new features. When the first peak came for global everyone went nuts over it, so weird to seem it was roughly 4 years ago now

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