How fast is the timelapse record?

Hello guys, I just want to know how fast is the timelapse record. Is it 2 times faster, or more?

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It is a lot faster than that. Just try it out


Timelapse record? Is that an Android feature?

No, it is a feature in IF. You can find it in the general-settings.

tried it for first time this week and thought it was too fast. Think there should beva speed option !!

Really? I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for that information!

Where is this feature? I’m not seeing it under general.


If you go to the general-settings and scroll down, you should be able to see “timelapse-mode”. (I am using an Android phone, maybe this feature isn’t available for IOS)

IF based recording is only available for Android. iOS requires a third-party/OS recorder.


I hope it’s available for iOS. It would make my videos even better.

Darn it. Could that be changed, since iOS 11 includes the new screen capture?

I could also speed it up manually…

Who knows. Maybe one day. The OS recording is fairly new if I recall. Sorry, android guy here.


Yes, the iOS screen record came in the latest iOS update. Thanks for the info, Chris.

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