How fast do you descend

When ATC assigns an altitude what VS do you go to it at?

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Assuming VNAV, usually about 1600-1800fpm.


sometimes the altitudes assigned dont match up with VNAV.

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What do you mean?

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We’ll take you off of STAR altitudes for a variety of reasons. In those cases, follow ATC directions instead of what the STAR altitudes are.

It’s better to follow ATC directions :)

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ya but what about how fast you should descend? do they assign that?

If you have to turn off VNAV, set the ALT to whatever ATC tells you and 1,500-2,000 VS is usually reasonable.

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No. Any reasonable V/S is fine. If we need you to speed up your descent, we’ll say “Expedite altitude change.”

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Quick, but safe, as possible?

Oh, I understand. You mean when ATC assigns an altitude. My bad.

My suggestion is go at a reasonable VS, get to the altitude as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t descend at 500fpm if you’re in an airliner, and don’t descend at 3000fpm if you’re in a Cessna …

maybe -1500vs?

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Generally, I’ve found thats a good baseline for most aircraft.

I always check if there’s traffic, then I change the vertical speed accordingly. Otherwise I go with whatever I feel is right to get to the altitude when it fits with the approach (more than 1000feet/min though mostly as ATC gives us a descent for a reason).

exept for cessnas of course max I would go is -1000vs with cessnas.

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Well, you aren’t really going to be flying an IFR Cessna into IFATC Airspace right? lol

I’d keep it -800 Max.

ya true unless its at a small airport.

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Mostly around 1200fpm

Hey Juan! You have made two topics on altitude and VNAV in the last few minutes? What exactly is it that you are wondering?

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Prior to VNAV being intriduced, I usually descended at -1800 to -2200 in a B738.