How fast can you rotate in a 747-400?

Ever tried seeing what the shortest time is that you can rotate in an empty 747 is?

Post a recording of your record time here!

  • You must not tail strike
  • 0% weight must be used
  • Any 747-400 livery

And have fun!


Not in proper #live:events format

It’s because it’s isn’t an event. [quote=“planemadblog, post:1, topic:44066”]
Post a recording of your record time here!


I can take off inside the threshold for JFK runway 13L (or whichever the one with the long run off)

Going to try this

It’s Runway 31L.

1 second with insane winds collected in the weather glitch before at EGUY

He said 747-400 in the title though


10 seconds no wind no flaps.

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