How fast can I fly over an airport On expert that has atc.

Yeah I am WTy I just got reported for speed which was a great report on me because I was going around Mach 1.77 Is there a certain speed I can go over an airport without being ghosted or reported like a Low fly pass.

Yes. I assume you were in a fighter? As a fighter, you should fly as if you were in a regular airliner when in a controlled airspace. Mach 1.77 is way too fast for a controlled airspace. For more info you can check this topic :)


You shouldn’t be going Mach 1.77 anyway. That’s way too fast, and is considered aerobatics over an active airspace.

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My callsign was BRAVORED and I was reported at LHBP

What was your altitude at the time of the report and to what controller were you talking? Approach or Tower?

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@DiamondGaming4 I was just trying to have a ltile fun but know i know not to around at airports on expert

If you want to do aerobatics over an airport, go to the casual server.


Not very high like maybe 3,000 feet or 2,000 i did deserve the report

Yeah, that is too low. Make sure you are over 18000 AGL when flying that fast.

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And it was tower

Well, ok. There’s nothing you can do about that. At least you realize your mistake now so that’s a start!


Ok thanks for the help everyone.

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If you are crossing airport remaining at your cruise altitude(IFR) then use the speed according to the aircraft you are using like 0.84 or 0.85 for 777.If you want to hover over an airport at low altitudes…then request transition from tower,be at approved transition altitude or above and maintain speed at or around 220 or 240.If you want to get some extra realism,use real life charts to see the airspace restrictions.This is for Airliners,follow the link mentioned above by bluepanda for military aircrafts reference :)


Yeah, try to keep it below 250 knots under 10,000 feet :-)

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Yes you certainly did. Imagine if fighters were buzzing Hartsfield or Heathrow all day. Aviation safety at its finest. The fact that you even question this is mind blowing.

There are quite literally thousands of other airports where you wouldn’t have been causing a dangerous and insane situation.


Not even just that, it shouldn’t be done on the expert server at all. It’s not good pilot etiquette. If you want to mess around then there is a dedicated server called the Casual Server. All too many times people don’t accept responsibility for their actions. Accept it and learn from it, don’t be flying like a hooligan on the expert server as you will simply be ghosted.

I was your controller. :)
You flew straight over the ramps at 900ft.
Even though that was one of my more obvious reports, I appreciate your will to find out more about our expert server etiquette.
We don’t see that very often!
Hope your questions were answered by everyone else and see you around in a week.


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