How fast are you allowed to go at FL300?

I’m at 30,000 feet (wind speed is VERY good here) flying from EDDF - YSSY will be about a 17 hour flight but I want it to be faster so I’m just wondering whats the actual LIMITATION like as in M 0.00? Is it M 0.92 or M 0.90

I think its 350 IAS.

You can find the max speed you can fly when you find the red tape on the speed, don’t cross it or you will get violations, but if you want to be more realistic you could always use real life speeds for that aircraft.


The wind is a positive or negative factor. Your ground speed depends on it, as previously mentioned you’re limited to around 350IAS but that switches to Mach and decreases the higher you get.

You will notice on the left side of your HUD that a red bar begins to appear the quicker you go. That’s your speed limit, dont hit that and you will be fine.


It depends on the actual aircraft. As mentioned there is a red marker on the speed “tape” which marks the maximum speed for that aircraft for that altitude. On IF if you go above that speed (on Training or Expert) you will start to pick up violations. In real life you Aircraft would start to break up.

There is no air speed limit at the altitude.

So, as mentioned already, your max speed at cruise is determined by what your aircraft can handle.

Don’t worry about your wings falling off in mid-air. But, as @David_Lockwood mentioned, watch out for violations.

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I use to find the speed for the plane I want to use

For realism the very fastest you want to go is M0.86 but it’s better to fly a bit slower than that

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