How far out should I start my descent

I am flying from Abu Dhabi to Baghdad and I am almost to my destination(about 200nm out) how far out should I start my decent?

I think this will help :)


Thank you for the link


If you don’t wanna do math like that post suggest (I hate math) you can try start descending 130-150 nm out. Always works for me. Just remember to decrease your speed accordingly so you don’t overshoot the airport


Ok thanks so I will wait for a little bit until I reach 150nm out

I always have a fix that indicates my top of decent.
It’s from

Honestly I use my magic eyes to make my approach work.

How I do it.
I plan my route with relevant waypoints and the runway I will land.
Starting at 3,000 ft (at the end of the approach funnel of the schedule), I work my way up to 5,000 (which is somewhere close to the funnel), 10,000 ( close to the schedule airport airspace) , 20,000 and 30,000 (where you should start descending).

That is how I currently plan my approach visually (on the map, so I am used to the GPS approach with waypoints). I do not recommend doing this as much as I got used to this sim for years, but it always works well for me. I feel kind of more lazy making accurate plans, and I also do not trust Simbrief as much. (According to FPL I started approaching too late with VS -3000 at a high speed somewhere in Singapore).

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