How far out am I?

Hey everyone. I have a request regarding approaches to today.

How far out am I? I know this sounds like a silly question, but when beginning approaches, I’ve realized that my two indicators are different.

I tested this doing a very short flight from KJFK - KLAG

Which one do I refer to? Especially important when I start a descent say 130 miles out. How do I know? Is there a way to calculate it using different readings?



The ILS reading tells you the distance from the ILS (Runway threshold i think but please check) whilst the distnace to go depends on the flight plan that youhave created.

Normally youend your Flight plan at the Airport Waypoint marker whihc will be a few miles difference from the runway threshold. When you are 130nm out this makes less of a difference then when you are lining up on the ILS.


You are 7.9nm away from the ILS and you have 10.4nm left on your flight plan


DeerCrusher and you nailed it as always!


So if I need to begin my descent, how will I tell my distance from the runway?

(If I can’t see the ILS)

I landed at EGLC airport yesterday, the runway 27 ILS is giving me wrong information…
I was landing with visual…a bit hard
U guys can try it then will understand what I meant :D

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Just set your last point to the airport with the runway waypoint (if there is one) just before it. The runway generally won’t be greater than .3nm away from the airport fix. Once you have your airport fix selected and as your last waypoint, go to the toolbar at the bottom and select “dist. to dest.”


don’t climb too high and use that information given when you intercept the ils

The ILS for 27 should be tuned to the real live ILS approach. It’s a steep descent, at least for me. That’s how it’s showing up.

Alright, just threw this together so you can see what I mean.

  • Currently I’m enroute and about 01:35hrs out from EGCC. At the bottom right you will see my “Dist to Dest” and it shows that I have 946nm left on my flight plan.

  • Above that in the center of the map you will see that I selected EGCC but I also selected the waypoint at the beginning of runway 23L. This will ensure my flight plan leads me to the runway that I’m planning for. Keep in mind, ATC can move you over to the parallel runway depending on the flow of traffic.

  • At the bottom left, you’ll see that I boxed the airport. If you see the distance readout for that segment, you’ll notice that the distance between RW23L and EGCC is 0.2nm. A very short and minor distance that shouldn’t make you worry too much about.


Thanks so much! Will use this info for a flight later today. :)

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So the ILS reading tells you the exact distance to the runway if you would fly straight to it, in this case it is 7.9nm But as your flight plan is a bit curvy, you actual distance, according to the flight plan in 10.4nm

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The green line is 7.9nm long

The white lines are 10.4nm long

Assuming the first and second pics where taken at the same location.

The ILS distance is calculated from your location to the big rectangular boxes/Aiming Point on the runway.



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