How far off Zulu are you? 🕒

This poll should aid myself and others when scheduling events.

How far off ZULU TIME are you?

  • -12 to -10
  • -9 to -7
  • -6 to -4
  • -3 to -1
  • ZULU
  • +1 to +3
  • +4 to +6
  • +7 to +9
  • +10 to +11

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What would be the most convenient time for you to join an event? (In your local time, pick the closest to your ideal)

  • 3am
  • 6am
  • 9am
  • 12am
  • 3pm
  • 6pm
  • 9pm
  • Midnight

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Thank you!

First Officer Tom


I imagine this will need to run for 24 hours before we can collect any results.


Depends on the day…

Assume that it could be any day, i.e. when you are most likely to be free.

9am ones either retired or work late. 6pm ones are still in school or doing day shift ;)


Should we include summer time (BST for me and you :-P)?

I’m going to be deciding the time of my event based on this post, after it has been going for around 24 hours. Keep posting your answers! :)

Hah, bit late now! I just put it under the +1 to +3 category.

Looks like most IF players are from the USA or Europe?

Yep 3% from Middle East, 1% from Far East.