How far can you go by gliding in an A380?

OK do this on solo this in a a380,put the weight to =300,000
2.take off,go up to a height of 40,000
3.put ure engines to idle ,wait for a bit for your speed to get down to about 200knots
4.keeping your engines at idle turn off auto pilot w,wait for your speed to go down a bit more(try to keep your speed 10knots above stall speed) then start gliding with your engines still at idle.

Ooh one more thing set on of the things on the bottom to distance travelled but take away the distance it took you to start gliding

The reason why you should do it on solo is so you can go over the speed limit (without being ghosted) to get up to 40,000

Good luck hope you go far
Post you videos on here

PS harder challengeā€¦ Do this ^^but land at an airport

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Or casualā€¦


Interesting challenge! Of course the aim of the game is to glide so you should aim to keep the speed about 10kts above stall speed so that you can go further.

Anyone tryed it yet

You can glide around 100nm. :) Calculating from the glide ratio, that is.


Second gliding challenge in a day.

Is the average glide ratio 3nm:1000ft?

More specifically 16ft:1ft

1:15 ratio

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ok thanks for the info

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