How far can the new A350-900 fly?

I am thinking of Amsterdam to Auckland but, I’m not really sure about the range.


15,000 kilometers = 8099.36 nautical miles

Amsterdam to Auckland = 18,105km, so, it might be a bit of a stretch!


And probably more

Try Flying From Manila To NY

It’s an actual route and it’s quite far


Great route btw

Amsterdam to Auckland will be a piece of cake for it. Just take full fuel and it’ll be no problem 👍

Current list of A350 routes and their operators.

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If you take an empty load, full fueo, and cruise at 31000 you can pretty much make any route there is.
Edit: full fuel and MTOW can go four close to 24 hours at 31000 at M.85, so basically any flight is doable.

The A350 has flown to Singapore from Newark and was 2018’s longest flight. I am pretty sure the A350 can make it to Auckland just as long as you don’t kill the fuel.

Just to put it out there doing a KJFK-YPPH flight 170kg under MTOW and at cruise FL320 I am showing 21hrs of duration. Once I lighten up you should be getting around 24-26hrs maximum if stepclimbing appropriately. So that is duration which is what will determine how far you can go more so than distance because of winds aloft. Flying into a headwind the entire time you wont travel as far as if you were flying with a tailwind.

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