How far can the A388 fly?

I’m just wondering how many nautical miles the B77W, B7478, A380 fly on max fuel/zeroPas/zeroCargo. I know the a380 can fly 7500+ NM on full fuel and 63k lbs / 28.7k kg pass and 0 cargo,but how far with nothing and full fuel. Same with the 777300 and 747-8


Yes, I realize that it’s an A340 Picture



Another factor to the range of the aircraft also depends on wind speeds. This can have a huge affect on Aircrafts. Check this out for further information and vertical profiles for the Airbus A380:

this is a rough idea, i say correct after reading other websites

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Seriously Google - you have a picture of the A340-500 on a description about the A380!



the aircraft i believe has enough fuelling capacity and distance to make it from London to Auckland (New Zealand)

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yeah but which way via Los Angeles or the longer route via Australia

Ya, thanks guys. Before I go to bed I plan ultra long haul flights mostly with the 787/777/A380 that way I sleep for most of the flight. Thanks anyway tho. IF Community is amazing, people respond so fast

I flew 24 hours nonstop once on infinite flight with the A380-800. I’m not sure but i think there is a bug with the fuel consumption.

I got in 32 hours nonstop on it

sigh really google???

I think he is asking for maximum range on full fuel that without passengers and cargo.
Answer in Google is ~15700km but that range is not the true maximum range for A388 because it’s calculate with maximum payload.
The true range of A388 should be longer than 15700km.
You can find the answer on this page:

Hi, I’ve included the maximum range of every airplane on my topic here:

Just look for Airbus and you’ll find all the information about Maximum range there :)

Guys the pic is for the article featuring the 10 longest range aircraft in the world No error there lol.


The article is talking about the A380 even if they are showing a A340-500 on the picture. The picture has nothing to do with the information written below it. The text below is information regarding the A380’s range.

Also Diamond did mention that he is aware of that they used a A340 picture when talking about the A380. That’s because if you click on the article you’ll find a list of the Top 10 Longest Range Airlines, where the A340-500 is in since it used to be the one commercial airliner with longest range before overthrown by the Boeing 777-200LR, though the the front picture is misleading with having info about the A380 displayed at first. Not until you check out the article itself, you’ll understand the context much better with correct aircraft with correct information shown below.


Please read the bottom text of my post before assuming that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Thanks.

Hey thanks :D

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