How far can the 767 go?

Idk if these topics are still aloud but so I’m wondering from what I’ve seen about the 767 in IF it can go much farther with many fuel on it?

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If realism isn’t your focus, 10,000+ nm. See this topic and this reply for more. 🙂


The 767 unlike it’s younger brother which needs regular bottles of Fruit Shoot and attention (much like any younger brother), can definitely travel far. I’ve not tested it personally yet although would be interested since it definitely does has a pretty amazing dieting tank, and always have a ton left after a flight. It’s trying to shed off those extra rows, it’s got a very widebody… Z-Tube seems to have posted a helpful reply.

I’d be interested in how far it can actually travel, if you attempt this please let me know!

Sorry for literally not being a help…lol


12 hours upwind from LOWW to VTBD

Where did you find that from?

It’s super broken and should be able to do in the 24-26 hour range.

I’ve done it before and it is indeed possible.

340kts at fl110 shows 47 hours of fuel lol

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