How far can the 737-700 go?

hi! I am making a round the world flight with the luxair’s 737-700. I already made the first two sections: Luxembourg-New York (non stop) and New York-Los Angeles. Now I am going to fly from Los Angeles to Honolulu, and after that… I don’t know, I want to go to Auckland or Sydney, but I don’t know if the plane has te capacity of fly around 8000 km without refueling. so, I am here to see if someone can help me saying their longest non stop fly with the 737-700 (if it’s not so much intromission of my part of course) cause I don’t want fly from Honolulu to Sydney for example and make an emergency landing to refuel in the ocean. If you can help me I will be very grateful. Sorry by my english, it’s not my natural language.

I am pretty sure that the B737-700 has the tanks of the BBJ in IF. This is because we have both variants in the flight sim. I once read that somebody successfully flew it from Amsterdam to Jakarta which is a 12,5 hours flight. Honolulu to Sydney should therefore be possible!

I checked, and officially the BBJ has a range of 6,000nm. Here’s how far you could go from Honolulu, and as you can see Sydney is well within range.

But remember that in IF the flight experience can always vary a bit from reality.

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Thanks @MxP I decided to fly to Sydney, I think I will be back in Luxembourg next week, thanks for your help!

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Have a great flight adventure!

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