How Far Away From an Airport Can You Contact Approach?

How far away from an airport can you contact approach.

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Around 50 nautical miles.

When you are physically 27nm from the airport, it will show up on your ATC screen.
Then you can contact them.
After you take off, you can contact and listen for as long as you want, as long as you don’t change ATC choice.

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If using VFR/IFR charts, regional boundaries are clearly demarcated enclosing the airspace that helps the pilot know the frequency he needs to be tuned to. The range may vary based on the class ranking of the airport.


@Matt737, that post doesnt talk about approach.

Tower appears around 25-27 miles.
Approach is usually around 50 miles.


Oh ok my bad, I did a quick read thru of it and it now seems pretty dumb lol. I’ll delete it.

Thanks for the help



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