How far are the "marks" on the runway apart

When ever I land anywhere I try to guess how far it took me to stop. I try to use the marks on the runway but i dont know specifically how far they are apart.

Around 60 feet I think!

How far are they at lax

Not quite sure however I do know that it ranges in size from 60-80 feet.
Look up the aerodrome information on the FAA website. Just download the free PDF

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@Blackbird71 … See:… “Runway Marking & Lighting” (runways marking is mandated and standardized in the U.S. The FAA is the Regulating Body. ) The FAR is your friend review it! see: Max Sends

(@JGK00… Lengths btwn markers are shown on the PDF noted above)

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But how would the runway at klax be 12,000 feet long

What length it is

At LAX you should land on the outer runways…

Why would it matter ive seen planes takeoff on runway 25l and thats an outer runway

Yep, cause the cargo area is on that side.
Anyway, please use the outer runways for landing.

Thats not what im asking about actually. I should have said it differntley. So how far are the 3 line mark or the thing circle in green to the thing circled in red. What is the distance in between

@Blackbird71: The distance should be of 500ft (152,4 m). Please check the Wikipedia link Samuel posted.

Laurens is right. Generally, you take-off from the big runway and land on the short runway. If you see LAX, you will notice that 25L and 24R are shorter than 25R and 24L. You have to think that during take-off, you also need some runway to stop if something goes wrong (check ASDA) before/at V1 so you need a longer runway. During landing, you just need to stop (check LDA) so you need a shorter runway. Now, I am not 100% sure with Laurens because you maybe don’t always land on the outer runway but what he says makes sense. He is right I think.

It is exactly the same concept at CDG, 09/27L is shorter than 09/27R. Same thing for 08/26R which is shorter than 08/26L.
09/27L and 08/26R are used for landings (ie. Outer runways).

If you still have a doubt, please check on Flight Radar or listen to ATIS.