How far a way to get in touch Approach is the best?

Hi,guys How far is the best way to get in touch Approach?I’m usually 45 nautical miles.But sometimes ATC let me to contact him before that.
How far do you think is the best way to get in touch the approach?

Usually, the rule is for IFATC controllers, is 50NM out and at or below 18,000FT, is when you should contact approach.

Sometimes if you head to the map in-game you can contact approach a lot earlier by selecting on the airport and then pressing tune on the approach frequency, from around 75NM out.


Adding to @Declan_O’s comment, Radar frequency normally appears under the list of available frequencies in the “headset” icon 65nm from the airport, so plan to be under FL180 65nm out and contact approach.


How far away to contact the tower without APP?

Contacting Tower, is using 25NM out and under 10,000FT. You can content them earlier by going to the map and manually tuning anyway!


You got all the answers. Hope they helped.

On Expert server you can contact ATIS from approx 80NM out. It’s good practice to contact ATIS and obtain the airport and runway info, before contacting Approach. If ATIS frequency doesn’t appear in your list of active frequencies, you can find ATIS by clicking on the airport dot and press TUNE on the ATIS frequency.


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