How effective are the Avro 146 airbrakes?

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So the Avro 146 engines don’t have reverse thrust, instead the plane possesses rear-mounted airbreaks it can deploy shortly before or during landing. I was wondering how effective these are. Aren’t they basically an extra set of spoilers? How much more do they reduce speed / tyre wear?



Apparently they are very good
Just look at the captain Joe video on air brakes, it mentions it. 7:24 into video
Captain Joe Air brake video

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Very effective. You can fly, clean, down an ILS at 250kts to 4 miles then use full airbrake and configure at the limiting speeds and you still need to add thrust before touchdown.

I once did a 9 degree approach.

By the way the airbrake doesn’t replace reverse thrust. The 146/RJ has got massive carbon brakes.

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