How does well do A12> chips perform on full infinite flight graphics (apple)

I’m looking to buy a refurbished 2018 iPad pro but I don’t know if the A12X processor is enough to run full graphics like I can on my 11 pro max. They don’t have anything but the A12Z and A12X in their refurbished stock. I’d like to know how those chips perform. it’d also help me if someone could tell me how their iPhone XR handles full IF graphics, because if it can do it decently or more than that i’ll know i’m good buying one of these

I have a 2017 iPad Pro and I run at 35-40fps on full high graphics settings with anti-aliasing turned on. It runs very smoothly.

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Thats really good to know, thanks, for my 11 pro max I can run 60fps for hours, I don’t know if a A12X/Z iPad would handle those graphics as well

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Not 60, but it runs very smooth. Never had issues with performance. The chip is an A10X with an M10.

I also keep my iPad continuously charging while flying, even for ultra long hauls. Heats up a bit especially because I live in a warm city where the average temperature is 80+ degrees through the year including winter 😅 but if I keep it in a fan/AC room it’s perfect.

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