How does voting work?

Hey everyone, as the title said above I’m just curious on how the voting system works in #features. I believe it says I’m at my limit now, are the votes permanently gone for good once you use them all or will I get some back as time passes and as I level up? I couldn’t find anything about it on the #features section so I wasn’t sure.

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds with useful information.

~ Airborne_Canuck


You can go back and remove previous votes, that’s about the only way to get them back. You’ll also gain more as you move up in trust levels.


You get a certain number of votes depending on what Trust Level you are on the forum.

If that feature request is closed then you will get the vote back and it will be replenished.

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Hello, @Airborne_Canuck

You can go back and remove votes.

Trust Level Votes
TL0 0 Votes
TL1 5 Votes
TL2 10 Votes
TL3 15 Votes

These are specific number of votes you get according to your trust level.


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