How does voting for aircraft work?


Just wondering how the voting for new aircraft works and how the aircraft get chosen?
so do they just see which one has the most votes and then they make that aircraft that has the most votes???


Hey, @ybtl.aviation!

When Infinite Flight offers us, the community, the opportunity to vote for an aircraft, it is done based on a few determinants.

These determinants include votes in the #features category, frequently flown aircraft, and overall demand.

For instance, in May 2019, Jason posted a topic on the forum utilizing data containing the ten most flown aircraft in Infinite Flight. From there, we had the opportunity to vote. Once there was a winner, IF began development.

So, in short, there is a mix of factors that are incorporated before a vote, during a vote, and after a vote. However, if there is no vote, that means the team has decided themselves on the next aircraft to be added/reworked.

Hopefully this helps you understand the voting process when it occurs.

Have a good day!


ah ok, thankyou!!

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