How does verbal LIVE ATC work?

Hey guys I just have a question… I’ve seen videos online that people have been playing with an actual ATC… how does this work? How do I play with a Live ATC?? What needs to happen? Thanks so much> By the way I mean Live ATC by someone talking to you and you respond back by talking… lol thanks so much

The closest thing I think of is Zello ATC. Which is a walkie talkie app.

Infinite Flight doesn’t support vocal ATC; however, some people open up ATC on a walkie talkie app called Zello as Belfast_spotter said.

What does that mean??? pLEASE someone explain

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Zello is the name of the app & it means you can use it to “talk” to people for ATC which brings in the use of more detailed instructions.

This app:

Wait what? How does it work? the app is a walketocky app. how is it related with infinite flight?

It’s not. Like I said, Infinite Flight doesn’t support vocal ATC. Some people use this app though, but it is not associated with IF or FDS.

But I saw a infinite flight user on youtube use live atc trough the app… why

It’s “homemade” so to say. There are lots of Infinite Flight channels on Zello that private users have opened, but it is not directly linked with IF.

so there is no way of using live atc where people talk to you? do you use zello?

There is no way to have voice ATC in the IF App. Zello is simply something people use to add realism for others that are interested in voice ATC. I do not personally use Zello for Infinite Flight.
You can use Zello when someone announces it here that they’re open, but they only use it on the Free Flight Server. All the other servers have the built in ATC that Infinite Flight DOES support, which is of course not voice.

@luca_delchop1 Do you understand now? Any more questions you need answered?