How Does This Work?

So, yesterday I was flying on the Expert Server (VNKT-VQPR). About half-way through the flight I noticed a fighter jet spawn in and clicked his plane to see his stats. Based on the violation-landing ratio, I thought I was on Casual, but after checking I was still on Expert! The person in the fighter ended up flight about 500-1100 knots under 10,000 feet for about 10 minutes. With all this said, how does this happen?


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There are currently no speed restrictions on fighters that are enforced by violations :). However, if a fighter does enter a controller airspace at an extreme speed, they can and will be ghosted regardless of the amount of traffic.


Isn’t that when you are above 10,000 feet MSL.

It’s below as well.

Nope, no violation for the fighter.

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Basically what BluePanda is trying to say is that no no matter what, fighter jets can go as fast as they want everywhere and only can be manually reported by IFATC or Mods. If you ever want to check the server you are on mid-flight, you can change one of the bottom bar items to the server connection temporarily, and it will tell you :)


I did check because of the landing-violation ratio. However, I did not previously know about no fighter speed restrictions.

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Strange. Unless they got all of their violations on that current flight, I would have to guess that it is a glitch. I think that you can get a max of 6 violations per flight or something like that

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I think you’re a little confused here… The 400+ violations are the ones that the user has accumulated through the entire time they’ve been flying on IF live. He/ she hasn’t received them all in one flight.

Yeah I know… I stated in the last sentence that I think you can only get 6.

The question on speed has already been answered.

As @Kirito_77 said the numbers you see in the window are for the duration of their time on Infinite Flight. It may span months or years. The ration you are referring to is the number of violations and landings in the past 12 months. The only person able to see the 12 month stats is the pilot when looking at their own grade table/logbook.

Let me know if you still have questions.

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