How does the xp system work?

Hi I am wondering how does the xp system work, does it more depend on the flight time or the landing etc? Also how do I get a lot of landings in a short time? Thank you!

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THe XP system is incredibly useful for status on your progress to the best of the best pilots in IF. This includes Landings, Total Violations ( in 1 day and 7 days.) plus ghosting. You can lose your grade, which has happened to me).😳 As well as flight hours!

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Also, if you work on pattern work, IF doesn’t usually count them do it takes awhile.

I believe you get 10xp for every minute you fly and then landings depend on the touchdown smoothness, winds, etc. for landing xp. Just keep flying and you’ll gain more in no time :)


Good explanation! It is pretty picky.

I mean eg 100xp does the flight time take the half of xp and landing takes 50 xp or flight time only takes 10 xp and landing takes 90 xp?

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XP is gained for every flight on the live server. You do not gain XP for flying on solo.

XP is a mix of length of flght time and how well you land. Landing in crosswind conditions will yield more than in calm.

I don’t know of a perfect number but a perfect landing is well over 150-200. The exact number is not know if I remember correctly.

The goal is to keep active and do landings (patterns) to build your stats. Keep in mind that some stats are time based where you require so many landings in the last 90 days.

If you cleanly exit a flight in the middle of flying you will receive XP up to that point.

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To gain a lot of xp, I usually take off on a small runway in a Cessna or cirrus, do a really sharp bank ( or turn) once I pass the end of the opposite runway, then line up with the runway and do a good landing. Keep doing that and you will gain xp pretty quickly. And to get the most xp, try to land on the 2 big white rectangles.

So how to get extra xp, if i have cargo and passenger, do I get extra xp?

Not that I am aware of. Majority of the XP is how you land. Positioning, vertical speed, speed, close to stalling, wind speed and direction.

I got around 9500xp when i fly Sydney to Dallas so I thought I would get more xp than this, so I just have a question about how they count the xp?

That sounds about right. As stated above you get 10xp for every minute of flight. Minus XP for violations if any.

You don’t get a lot of XP for flying 14 hours on autopilot. The time and landing is what makes that up.

Well that seems like the problem is solved. Also when I fly thorough different regions, the speed limit change and i got overspeed without knowing it even thought I did not get any violations because I found out quick enough.

The speed limit is the same regardless of location.

Under 250kts while under 10,000 feet. Over 10,000 you are restricted by your specifc aircraft’s limits. The higher you go, the lower the limit. Do not sit right on the limit as external factors could cause you to exceed the limit and result in a violation.

I don’t think this is true, when I fly through a region the limit was 350 and some regions are 340, if i was flying 345 and I don’t know that, I will get violations easily, and some time the speed limit is 330. So can you tell why?

I can guarantee you there are not different limits by location. For example, your limit at 34,000 feet will he different than 36,000 feet. Encountering turbulence can cause your speed to go over the limit if your autopilot is set so close to the limit.

Perhaps you should for again and pay more attention to the speed tape and altitude.


well that is what i was expericing

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