How does the violation system work?

Hello ifc

So yesterday I thought I’d give the new violation system ago and see what it’s like. So I decided to mess around for a big around Heathrow on training yesterday and eventually I got a level 1 violation which put me from a grade 4 to 3. I’m not sure how long I’m meant to be a grade 3 for so if anyone could help me out that would be nice

The violation will go away after 7 days so you can be a Grade 4 again but it will stay for another 12 months before it doesn’t affect your account anymore.


Ok thanks for the help


That’s the first time I’ve seen someone delibrately try and get a violation 😂

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I think/hope you know it as a Grade 4, but Training Server isn’t for messing around, casual is the place to go for that or even better solo in my opinion. Wouldn’t destroy a perfect 0,00 Violations/Landings ratio as well ;)

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